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We have negotiated a contract to Represent Great Lakes Case and Cabinet in Upstate New York and the Hudson Valley.  Great Lakes is an innovative world class cabinet manufacturer. Please contact us with any opportunity and we'll show you a great solution!

Convergent Connectivity Technology specializes in the manufacturing of low-voltage communication wire and fiber optic cable.  Our production practices allow for just-in-time delivery making us the fastest provider of cable in the industry.  We manufacture our products in New York to satisfy government contracts and domestic interests while having off-shore partnering  to offer budget alternatives.

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As of May 1, 2017 we became the Manufacturers Rep for Surecall in Upstate New York. Surecall is a well known manufacturer for Cellular and WIFI boosters. 

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We are offering Sumitomo Electric's complete line of connectors and splicers. The catalogs are separated to facilitate quicker research points for you. Click one button for Lynx Connectors and The second button for splicers and tools.

We Represent 

  Communication​s Products in Albany,the Hudson Valley

  Syracuse, Rochester , and Buffalo NY

Armored Fiber Solutions………P2P offers a large variety of ways to protect your fiber optic investment. Whether you are a high end pro-av home owner or operate the fiber optic network of a major airport, protecting the glass network from damage is priority number 1 when selecting the cables. P2P has the experience with all vertical markets and knows how to optimize the fiber optic solution.


One manufacturer  of Communications Products in Albany , Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo that we represent is Allentel . Allentel has been in business over 50 years as a custom product supplier for Graybar Electric Co, Inc. They develop niche communication products that Graybar's customers have asked to be developed. Allentel also provides complete connectivity for data networks. All products are approved by BICSI, ETL, and UL to name a few.